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Natural handmade soap with avocado oil

Soap made by hand.
100% natural.

Has a soft, spicy, nutty smell.

Natural handmade soap with any aroma and design to order. The authors of the design are talented orphans from boarding schools and orphanages.

By choosing natural soap in the “HANDCRAFTS by orphans” workshop, you can be sure that your skin will be moisturized and cared for. Moreover, it is your contribution to the social support to orphans, because the proceeds from the sale go to the personal account of the child who developed the design.


Effect: nourishing, restorative.

Ingredients: soap base without preservatives, avocado natural oil, grains of beans, cosmetic flavoring, food coloring.

Weight: 70-80 g.

(The soap can be made to order with any flavor and design).

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The Handcrafts by Orphans project is supported by the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme and Reconstruction Program and funded by the governments of Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.