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Why don’t we mark the authors of the drawings?

This is a fairly common question we are asked.
And we have a pretty simple answer – parents of orphans.
70% of the participants in our project are social orphans, that is, children who have parents, but because of hard situation they have to live in orphanage houses.
At the beginning of the project, we were inspired to write the names of each author of the picture, but we began to receive calls from their parents, demanding immediate transfer of funds to these parents.
We were very disappointed and upset, but found the solution to publish only the name of the orphanage house where the author of the picture is.
And we are confidently stepping forward, because most of all in the world we want to change the fate of orphans of Ukraine for the better!

The Handcrafts by Orphans project is supported by the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme and Reconstruction Program and funded by the governments of Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.