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Meet Eve!
She dreams to become a master of nail aesthetics.
One day, a large energy company heard about the HANDCRAFTS by orphans project and offered our children to draw pictures in their subject matter.
The best picture will be an illustration of a series of shoppers for employees of this company.
Eva’s picture was the best and was printed on shoppers. It really motivated girl.
Thanks to this, she realized that having your own business is real, and you don’t need a big capital, because you can do a lot with your own hands. She began to dream to become a master of nail aesthetics, and therefore, this company gave her all the necessary set for this.
Now she is successfully taking the course and dreams of starting work soon after graduation.

Thanks to everyone who believes and supports our project and, in particular, our wards!
It really inspires and motivates them for changes!

The Handcrafts by Orphans project is supported by the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme and Reconstruction Program and funded by the governments of Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.