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My goal is to change the world for better

For 6 years I have been a part of the team of a charity fund that helps orphans. We conduct camps for them, educational programs on socialization and career guidance, build personal relationships with each child.

My volunteering started at the same time as I started working as a hairdresser, and also with the beginning of my family life. I had a favorite job that I enjoyed. But I was looking for a place where I could be useful, I wanted to change this world for the better. At one event, I met a girl who took care of orphans and visited boarding schools and orphanages. I really wanted to join the team and I was accepted.

My first trip is one of the most memorable experience in my life! I was entrusted to conduct a lesson to children aged 12-13. I have been preparing for a long time. It was necessary to prepare an entertainment program with various games, crafts that could be made with children, to come up with a topic for the lesson that would interest them. It was the first experience, the first meeting and acquaintance with children! Of course, I was very worried, but everything went well, I managed to find contact with the children! In class, I even had to deviate from the set plan, as the children wanted a simple, lively communication and they bombarded me with various questions! Leaving the orphanage house, we were already agreed on the topic of our next meeting.

Now, looking back all the way, I’m happy! I found my unique team, whose work is aimed at children and focuses on communicating with them, on friendship. By building personal relationships, we share our thoughts, feelings, hearts, and lives with these children.

Each of our meetings with children is really special. No matter how hard the work week is, or the horrible and difficult road to the orphanage house or boarding school, we are always looking forward to these meetings! We put off absolutely everything, from fatigue, work, to household chores and troubles, and completely dissolve in each of them. After all, when you touch the lives of these children, you can’t stay the same. It becomes a separate part of your life. You sincerely relive with them all their moments of life, falls and victories, pain and fear, love and hope, their dreams! When you look into the eyes of a child who is looking forward to your meeting, all your problems recede into the background. Instead, children also give a piece of their heart to you!

Working with a team is also a special time. After all, each is unique in itself and when we unite, it is a great force! We not only invest in children and work for them, but also fill each other very much! Support, common time, trust, love, common goal – all this makes us a team that boldly moves towards the goal! And our goal is to change the world for the better, and helping children, including orphans, is one of the many ways to do it!

The Handcrafts by Orphans project is supported by the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme and Reconstruction Program and funded by the governments of Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.