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How to help orphans in Ukraine?

Almost all of you have wondered: what help do orphans need and, in general, why do they need it? After all, these children have a roof over their heads, they, like children who have parents, are trained and educated, they are often visited by volunteers and patrons,
and they seem to receive the necessary attention and support. But in reality, it is not so.

The conditions in which orphans live often do not meet the requirements and in some places are generally very deplorable. Most educators and teachers who teach orphans just bail on children or they simply do not know how to work with them and training, respectively, is not effective. Visits to boarding schools and orphanages often have only one goal and purpose – to get photos with children and give them gifts without paying any attention to children at all. Of course, under such conditions, they form a custom type of thinking and after leaving the boarding school they do everything possible to get everything they want.

How to prevent this and really help the orphan to change his life and future? The answer is very simple: provide the necessary help, which is the basis on communication
and education. Such assistance should be aimed at their comprehensive development and the formation of the skills necessary for life, so that after leaving, they could easily adapt and undergo social adaptation to society. This is the only way to count on results for children who need it so much. It is especially difficult to help orphans after the age of 18, because these children are extremely sensitive and distrustful after leaving orphanages and boarding schools, and it is difficult to condemn them, because in fact everyone has a very painful story about their parents. Therefore, the best help for these children is personal support and training. We believe and know very well that only in this way we can really help an orphan and change his life for the better.

The Handcrafts by Orphans project is supported by the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme and Reconstruction Program and funded by the governments of Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.